Magnificent palace from the end of the 19th century

The construction of the most impressive palace of all time, Al-Bahia Palace went back to the 19th century. The building said to have taken about 10 years in two phases to be completed by the hands of workers brought from Fez.

The architecture of the palace is following the traditional style of the same age and region of the Islamic-Moroccan theme of the main building, gardens, and fountains in open courtyards, a central basin surrounded by chambers.
The palace erection was supervised under the sight of the grand vizier of the Moroccan Sultan, Si Moussa Abu Ahmed. The palace is belonging to him as a residential house of the minister and his Harem (wives) whose names are included among the palace decoration patterns.

Bahia Palace “the palace that never finishes”

The top preserved historical site of Marrakesh, the private residence of Grand Vizier Si Moussa Ba Ahmed of the 19th century. The structure of the palace was projected to be the largest of its time with a subsidiary building given the name of Dar Si Moussa was built between 1859 and 1873 by Ba Ahmed, a former slave who became Grand Vizier of the Sultan after that.

Then, from 1894 until 1900, the construction was continued by his son to reach the peak of an architectural charm after adding Private rooms were added with private gardens, harem (women) section was added, wooden columns, marble decorative elements, and council rooms. The masterwork was the production of the architect Muhammad bin al Makki Misfiwi and with the hands of craftsmen from Andalusia and North Africa as well as the decorating materials were imported from the different regions of the Moroccon kingdom, Andalusia and North Africa too.

Like most of the royal and classy residential buildings, The Bahia Palace, comprising domestic rooms for the family, meetings/administrative halls, dining rooms, studying and learning rooms that used as a mosque like most of the Mosques and Madrasas (Schools) that being merged in 1 building in the Muslim world architecture.

When is Bahia Palace open?

The Bahia Palace welcomes visitors daily from 9 am to 4:30 pm except for Fridays visiting schedule becomes from 8 am to 5 pm.  The entrance fees will cost you 10 Dirhams or approximately $1.5 USD. Yet we still recommend you double-check prices with your tour operator or Book your all-inclusive Morocco Vacations and let Marrakech sights arrange it all.