Safety Measures during Covid-19

We have a role to play in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and that is why “Marrakech sights Tours” is following all the WHO guidelines. Here are some safety measures we employ during the whole tours we run:

  1. During our tours and activities, we will limit the number of people to 10 to keep the social distance between each participant.
  2. We will keep a distance of one meter between our clients whenever possible.
  3. For clients without their own masks, we provide them on the tours.
  4. In addition to providing our guests with alcohol gel during their tours and after their service, we will also provide them with alcohol patches.
  5. All visitor’s guides, drivers, staff, etc, will be required to wear masks and gloves throughout the whole tour to ensure their safety.
  6. To ensure our guests are safe, we only work with hotels and cruises that demonstrate safe and hygienic practices.
  7. Our services participants will be monitored daily, their temperature will be monitored daily too, and in case they show symptoms they will not be permitted to participate in any of our tours until they are well again.
  8. In addition, all attendees will have their temperature checked, and if it is above 37 degrees Celsius, he or she will not be able to proceed with their tours and will be taken care of.
  9. Each vehicle, whether it is air, water, or land, must be sanitized and deep-cleaned each day and after every traveler.
  10. 50% of our vehicles’ maximum capacity will be reduced.
  11. Only 50% of the maximum capacity will be permitted on each tourist site such as a monument or museum.

All the safety measures mentioned above will be implemented from June 2020 until further notice. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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